Investigation of drilling characteristics of screwpine fibers reinforced composite

TitleInvestigation of drilling characteristics of screwpine fibers reinforced composite
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsTrihul, M. A., and C. Malakar
KeywordsDepartment of Mechanical Engineering

Natural fiber composites have excellent properties like high specific strength, light weight, biodegradability and environment friendliness. This project deals with investigation of machinability behaviour of screwpine reinforced epoxy composite. The objective of the present work is to determine the machinability of the composite with reinforcement of fiber of screwpine fibers which is a tropical plant whose potential in fiber reinforcement has not been explored much. In determining the machinability, thrust force and torque were found by varying the process parameters namely fiber composition, cutting speed, drill tool diameter at 3 levels while keeping the feed rate constant. In this work, experiments were carried out based on the design of experiments using Taguchi technique. L9 orthogonal array is used to study the influence of various combinations of process parameters on the quality of the hole. From S/N ratio analysis it is found that optimum condition is 30% composition of the fiber, spindle speed.