A Novel Routing Protocol for Security Over Wireless Adhoc Networks

TitleA Novel Routing Protocol for Security Over Wireless Adhoc Networks
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsKanthimathi, S.., and J. P. Rani
EditorSridhar, V.., M.C.. Padma, and K.A.. Radhakrish Rao
Conference NameEmerging Research in Electronics, Computer Science and Technology
Date Published2019//
PublisherSpringer Singapore
Conference LocationSingapore
ISBN Number978-981-13-5802-9
KeywordsDepartment of Computer Science and Engineering

Wireless adhoc networks are an infrastuctureless network of nodes with applications in many fields like agriculture, forestry, and military. Attacks like selective forwarding and denial of service occurs in network due to malicious attackers who intentionally want to take advantage of network for their own selfish needs. Many existing solutions to detect attacks have been proposed in literature, but the false positives are high in those solutions, thus it necessitates designing a solution with low false positives, high accuracy, and lower attack detection time. In this direction, a novel routing protocol for detection of attacks and avoidance of malicious nodes based on cluster-based topology is proposed in this work.