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Basak S, Surbhi A., Bora K, Murthy J.  2018.  A comparative analysis of the cobb-douglas habitability score (cdhs) with the earth similarity index (esi). 7th IEEE Conference ICACCI-2018.
Nayak H., Krishnamurthy N..  2018.  Corrosion Behaviour of Plasma Sprayed Alumina and Yttria Stabilised Zirconia Composite Coatings Applied on Al6061Substrate. Journal of Material Science and Manufacturing Technology. 3(1):911–930.
Sharanu D, TANTRY S.  2018.  A Current Controller Floating Resistor. 2018 3rd International Conference for Convergence in Technology (I2CT). :1-4.
Kanthimathi S, P Rani J.  2018.  Defending against Packet Dropping attacks in Wireless Adhoc Networks using Cluster based Trust Entropy. :2447-2452.
Nair M, Mamatha I., Tripathi S..  2018.  Distributed Arithmetic based Hybrid Architecture for Multiple Transforms. International Conference signal Processing and Communication (ICSC 2018).
Vala GKantilal, Senthil K.  2018.  Effect of Emotional Intelligence Practices on Job Commitment among Medical Practitioners. Acme Intellects International Journal of Research in Management, Social Sciences & Technology. 21(21):01-13.
Palaniswamy S, Tripathi S..  2018.  Emotion Recognition from Facial Expressions using Images with Pose, Illumination and Age Variation for Human-Computer/Robot Interaction. Journal of ICT Research and Applications. 12(1):14-34.
Lalitha S, Tripathi S., Gupta D..  2018.  Enhanced speech emotion detection using deep neural networks. International Journal of Speech Technology. :1-14.
Ankush AMishra, Madhurima C, Sai MRGautham, Annapurna D., Jishin J.  2018.  Environment Descriptor for the Visually Impaired. International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI 2018).
Deepti C..  2018.  An Insight into Identity based Authentication Techniques for the Internet of Things Environment. International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Computers,Communication, Mechanical and Computing.
Kunduru J, Modh JYogesh, Shashank R., Vekkot S, Tripathi S..  2018.  Laughter Synthesis using Mass Spring Model and Excitation Source Characteristics. International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI 2018).
Sharma R, Arya T, Arora S, Arya A, Agarwal P..  2018.  A Naive Deep Nets based Approach for Authenticating Viral Textual on Social Media. IEEE IntelliSys Conference 2018, London-UK.
Siddalinga SD, Raghavendra SC, Revanasiddappa M.  2018.  Nano sized hybrid electromagnetic wave absorbing free standing thin film of IPANI/PVA/Ag-FA. Materialstoday Proceedings. 5(1):1379-1386.
Saha S., Archana M., Bora K, Surbhi A., Basak S.  2018.  A New Activation Function for Artificial Neural Net based Habitability Classification. 7th IEEE Conference ICACCI-2018.
Kochuvila S., Tripathi S., Sudarshan TSB..  2018.  Nonlinear dynamic model with varying hip trajectory for stable walking of biped robot. International Journal of Robotics and Automation. 33(6)
Girish VR, Usha P.  2018.  NONSPLIT DOMINATION EDGE CRITICAL GRAPHS. Bulletion of the International Mathemtical virtual institue. 8(1):161-168.
Ramanujam SK, Katte SS.  2018.  Numerical investigation and correlations for heat diffusion through planar ablative thermal protection systems. 7:279-287.
Biyyam S, Bhuma A.  2018.  Optimal Channel Estimation Using DFT-Based Interpolation with Comb-Type Pilots for OFDM Systems. Innovations in Electronics and Communication Engineering. :473-484.
Vijay N, Tripathi S., Lalitha S..  2018.  Personality Traits from Speech Signal using Cross- Corpus Technique. IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Computing Research. :1-6.
Karunakaran N, Arya A.  2018.  A Scalable Hybrid Classifier for Music Genre Classification using Machine Learning Concepts and Spark. International Conference on Intelligent Autonomous Systems, Singapore (Accepted).
Dash A, Subramani N, Manjunath T, Yaragarla V, Tripathi S..  2018.  Speech Recognition and Correction of a Stuttered Speech. International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI 2018).
Nithin KN, Siddesh C, R Preran H, Shivagiria SY, Revanasiddappa M.  2018.  Synthesis and characterization of Fly ash /Wooden fiber reinforced Epoxy resin polymer composite. Materialstoday Proceedings. 5(1):501-507.
Greeshma KR, Tripathi S..  2017.  Adaptive Frequency Estimation for Pulsation Removal in Airpath Pressure Signal Conditioning. International Conference on Signal Processing, Informatics, Communication and Energy Systems (SPICES 2017).
Pavan KA, Jaysurya K, Revanasiddappa M.  2017.  Adsorption of Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere using Calcium Oxide. National conference on Sustainable Engineering and Management 2017 (NCSEM-17), held at Oxford college of Engineering, Bangalore during 26th -27th May 2017..