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Jagatheswari G.K, R M, Honnavar GV.  2016.  2-D Non Linear Functions Compression using 2-D Wavelet Families. International Conference on Mathematics and Computer Science 2016.
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Srinivasa G., Fickus MC, Kovacevic J..  2007.  Active contour-based multiresolution transforms for the segmentation of fluorescence microscope images [6701-18]. PROCEEDINGS-SPIE THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR OPTICAL ENGINEERING. 6701(1):6701.
Srinivasa G..  2008.  Active mask framework for segmentation of fluorescence microscope images. Pittsburgh: Carnegie-Mellon University.
Srinivasa G., Fickus MC, Rivero MNGonzalez, Hsieh SYichia., Guo Y., Linstedt AD, Kovacevic J..  2008.  Active mask segmentation for the cell-volume computation and Golgi-body segmentation of HeLa cell images. Biomedical Imaging: From Nano to Macro, 2008. ISBI 2008. 5th IEEE International Symposium on. :348-351.
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Rakesh K., Nitin C., Sudarshan TSB..  2008.  Adaptive Block Pinning for Multicore Architectures. Web Proceedings of 14th Annual International Conference on High Performance Computing (HiPC 08).
Greeshma KR, Tripathi S..  2017.  Adaptive Frequency Estimation for Pulsation Removal in Airpath Pressure Signal Conditioning. International Conference on Signal Processing, Informatics, Communication and Energy Systems (SPICES 2017).
Srinivasa G., Merryman T., Chebira A., Kovacevic J., Mintos A..  2006.  Adaptive multiresolution techniques for subcellular protein location classification. Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, 2006. ICASSP 2006 Proceedings. 2006 IEEE International Conference on. 5:V-V.
Begum A, Krishna H.  2012.  Adsorption and inhibitive properties of coffee seed (Coffea Arabica) extract on mild steel in hydrochloric acid. International Journal of ChemTech Research. 4(3):991-995.
Pavan KA, Jaysurya K, Revanasiddappa M.  2017.  Adsorption of Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere using Calcium Oxide. National conference on Sustainable Engineering and Management 2017 (NCSEM-17), held at Oxford college of Engineering, Bangalore during 26th -27th May 2017..
K Gowda R, Nimbalker V, Lavanya R, Lalitha S, Tripathi S..  2017.  Affective Computing using Speech Processing for Call Centre Applications. 6th Intl. Conference on advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI 2017). :766-771.
Usha P, Girish VR.  2014.  Algorithmic and NP-completeness aspects of a total lict domination number of a graph. Mathematical Combinatorics. 1:80-86.
Sridhar P, Ghosh A, Anand K, Ali M.Zeeshan, Revanasiddappa M, Faisal M, Raghavendra SC.  2011.  Ammonia Gas Sensing Properties of Polyaniline-MnO2 Composites.
Jagatheswari G.K, R M, Honnavar GV.  2016.  Analysis of 2-D continuous Exponential functions, Continuous Periodic functions and Product of Sine and Cosine functions using 2-D Discrete Wavelet Transform. International Conference on Mathematical Computer Engineering ICMCE-2016.
Sajjan KC, Khasim S, Lakshmi M, Faisal M.  2013.  Analysis of DC and AC properties of humidity sensor based on polyaniline-chromium oxide composites. International conference on recent advances in composite materials.
Suja P, Tripathi S..  2015.  Analysis of emotion recognition from facial expressions using spatial and transform domain methods. International Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms. 7(1):57-73.
Selvarani R., Bharathi R..  2017.  Analysis of Error Propagation in Safety Critical Software Systems: An Approach Based on UGF. Strategic Engineering for Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics. :83-99.


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