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Nayak, H.., and N.. Krishnamurthy, "Corrosion Behaviour of Plasma Sprayed Alumina and Yttria Stabilised Zirconia Composite Coatings Applied on Al6061Substrate", Journal of Material Science and Manufacturing Technology, vol. 3, issue 1, pp. 911–930, 2018.
Nayak, H.., and N.. Krishnamurthy, "Development and Microstructure Analysis of Thermal Barrier Coating on Aluminium 6061 Substrate (title of paper/patent)", International conference on Materials and Manufacturing Technology ICMMT-2015, issue ISBN 13:9789385880759, Bangalore, McGraw-Hill, New Delhi, pp. 7-15, 2015.
Nayak, H.., and N.. Krishnamurthy, "Overview of Thermal barrier Coatings in IC Engine", 1st national conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering, Bangalore, 2014.