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Siddappa, K., M. Revanasiddappa, and S. D. Angadi, "Binuclear New Complexes of Dioxouranium(VI) and Thorium(VI) with azo ligands”", 91st of the Indian Science Congress held at Chandigarh on Jan, 03-07. 2004., 2004.
Revanasiddappa, M., K. Kashinath, K. Siddappa, and S. D. Angadi, "Microbial studies on some metal complexes", 41st Annual Convention of Chemist held at University of Delhi, 24-26th December 2004., 2004.
Revanasiddappa, M., M. Sanjay, K. Siddappa, and S. D. Angadi, "Studies on Co(II) , Ni(II) and Cu(II) complexes of symmetric aldazine", was presented in 23rd Conference of Indian Council of Chemists” held at K.C. College, Church Gate, Mumbai 14 -16th Oct. 2004., 2004.
Siddappa, K., M. Revanasiddappa, S. D. Angadi, and R. L. Raibagkar, "DC conductivity behavior of oxovanadium (IV) and Tin(IV) complexes with 4-4`-diaminostiblene-2-2`-isulphonate and its derivatives", 14th Materials Research Society of India Symposium, held at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai, from February 11-13, 2003 (PPO-14)., 2003.
Revanasiddappa, M., K. Siddappa, and S. D. Angadi, "Synthesis and Characterization of Metal(II) complexes with Lansoprazole", 22nd Conference of the Indian Council of Chemists held at Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, on 17-19.October, 2003., 2003.