The Apartment service dispatch strategy and load estimation

TitleThe Apartment service dispatch strategy and load estimation
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsSinha, S., and K. Bora
JournalInternationalJournal of Advanced Engineering Research
KeywordsDepartment of Information Science and Engineering

Web services are the key technologies for the web applications developed using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Many outsourced web services can be combined to provide value added services to the users. There are many challenges involved in its implementations. One of the essential challenges is service discovery which involves finding a set of suitable web service in dynamic environment like MANET.When a large number of functionally equivalent services are discovered, it is difficult for a mobile node to discover a service.There are various techniques for service discovery like ranking and matchmaking the web services based on their Quality of Service (QoS). This paper gives an idea on selecting services based on various parameters of quality such as response time, availability, accessibility etc[15]. In this paper we propose a future scheme on service discovery considering the quality based on non-functional properties (NFPs)