Contour-traversal based algorithm for insertion of virtual advertisements in videos

TitleContour-traversal based algorithm for insertion of virtual advertisements in videos
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsHegde, A.., D.A.. Kumar, and G.. Srinivasa
Conference Name2012 International Conference on Communication, Information and Computing Technology, ICCICT 2012
Date Published2012
Conference LocationMumbai
ISBN Number9781457720789 (ISBN)
KeywordsCommunication, contour traversal, edge-map, Hough transforms, Polygon detection, Rectangle detection, Regular polygon, shape detection, virtual advertisements

This paper presents a method for the automated insertion of virtual advertisements (logos, messages, etc.) into videos. The method consists of detecting regular polygons from the edge maps of frames in a video. This is followed by the selection of an optimal candidate slot into which the desired advertisement is inserted. Experimental results demonstrate that the contour-tracing based rectangle detection algorithm presented in this paper outperforms its precedents such as the Hough Transform and ant-based polygon detection for the purposes of identifying appropriate slots for introducing content in videos. © 2012 IEEE.