Deinterlacing Algorithm using Triangular Fuzzy Interpolation Method for Image Edge Detection

Publication Type:

Journal Article


International Conference on Emerging Research Trends in Mechanical and Civil Engineering (ICERTMCE-2017), REVA University, Bengaluru. (2017)


Department of Science and Humanities


This study proposes a computationally efficient algorithm based on triangular fuzzy interpolation technique for intra field deinterlacing of images. The proposed algorithm improves image deinterlacing quality with respect to missing pixels in the edge region. Characteristics or features of the region around the pixel are interpolated first when interpolating the missing pixels. The proposed algorithm is tested with five test images which have both uniform surface and edges. The subjective and objective performance of the proposed algorithm shows greater improvement in the edge quality when correlated with the traditional deinterlacing methods. The designed fuzzy rules become an attractive solution for the betterment of the quality of edges as much as possible. The result reveals that the proposed algorithm provides greater robustness to contrast and lighting variations.