Design and Analysis of Waste Heat Recovery system from a Domestic refrigerator for water Heating Application

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Conference Proceedings


Renewable Energy Technology: Future, Opportunity, and Challenges for India, RET: FOAC (2017)


Department of Mechanical Engineering


Energy consumption in the world is significant and in continuous growth. With the aim of saving energy and reducing carbon emission, it is necessary to find some innovating solutions in this field to utilize waste energy. In this project, an effort is made to utilize the waste heat from the condenser of refrigerator. The condenser of refrigerator was retrofitted with copper tubes which act as a double pipe heat exchanger. The water was made to flow through the annular space and was collected in an insulated tank. Experimental and economic analysis was carried out. An average outlet temperature of 50-55 was obtained with approximately collecting 100 litres of water every day. Since this system is economical and can be fabricated easily, this system has a potential for future applications.