Design of Smart Rolling Shutters for low cost operations

Publication Type:

Conference Proceedings


International Conference on Process of Electrical Power and Energy Systems, IFERP (2017)



Department of Mechanical Engineering


In today's industrial scenario, labor is a major expense in any product that is manufactured even in developing countries. In this regard most of the present day industries are shifting towards automation. In our project, we are designing a smart roller shutter system for low cost operations. Roller shutters have many applications some of which include factories, garages, schools and warehouses. The project prescribed provides excellent security benefits and in regions exposed to inclement weather, it can also be used as a method of insulation. Studies show those automatic roller shutters already in market have been the cause of a large number of accidents over the years. A lot of these incidents take place due to the failure of mechanisms during normal working hours or emergency situations. Introduction of a few smart safety sensors in this mechanism can help reduce the risks and accidents caused by these shutter operations. In conclusion, we wish to develop a system to help minimize the health hazards caused by the failure of automatic roller shutters.