Dielectric property of NiTiO3 doped substituted ortho-chloropolyaniline composites

TitleDielectric property of NiTiO3 doped substituted ortho-chloropolyaniline composites
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsLakshmi M, Khasim S, Roy AS, Faisal M, Sajjan KC, Revanasiddappa M
JournalAIP Advances
KeywordsDepartment of Science and Humanities

Ortho-chloropolyaniline (OCP)-NiTiO3 composites have been synthesized via in-situpolymerization of ortho-chloroaniline with various weight percentages of NiTiO3.Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopic studies of Ortho-chloropolyaniline and itscomposites indicated the formation of composites as a result of Vander Waals interactionbetween OCP and NiTiO3 particles. Surface morphology of OCP and OCPNiTiO3composites were studied using Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). TheSEM micrographs indicated a modified morphology after the composite formation.Dielectric properties and electric modulus of OCP and OCP-NiTiO3 composites havebeen investigated in the frequency range of 50 Hz - 5 MHz. It has been noticed thatelectrical resistance decreases with increase in weight percentage of NiTiO3 particlesin polymer matrix as well as with applied frequency. The display of semicircular arcsin Cole-Cole plots indicates the formation of series resistor and capacitor in networkcausing a decrease in the relaxation time and as a result conductivity enhances inthese composites. The facile and cost effective synthesis process and excellent dielectricand conductivity response of thesematerials makes them promisingmaterialsfor practical applications.