Experimental Investigation of Threaded, Grooved, and Tapered Radiating Pin-Fin

TitleExperimental Investigation of Threaded, Grooved, and Tapered Radiating Pin-Fin
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsJ. Murali G, Katte SS
KeywordsDepartment of Mechanical Engineering

A literature review shows that much of work on radiating fins has been carried out analytically and numerically. Presently, a radiating pin-fin with threads, grooves, and taper on its outside surface is investigated experimentally. A test facility with a vacuum chamber and instrumentation is fabricated. Based on a study of the effect of vacuum, the chamber is designed for a vacuum of 80 mm Hg such that the contribution of convection to the total heat transfer could be ignored. The study shows that there exist an optimum number of threads per inch, angle of grooves, and optimum taper angle for which the heat loss per unit mass is a maximum. The threaded, grooved, and tapered radiating fin loses 1.2 and 3.37 times more heat per unit mass, respectively, compared to the solid pin-fin.