Finite Element Analysis of shrink fitted shaft and disc Assembly and its Strenghth Prediction

Publication Type:

Conference Proceedings


Santosh, C.


International Conference on Modern Intelligent and Green Manufacturing, Erode Sengunthar Engineering College, Erode, p.403-411 (2015)


Department of Mechanical Engineering


Shrink fit is an important connection in a number of mechanical parts, to connect different parts in reliable and non expensive manner. It is widely used in industry, with applications to cutting tool holders, wheels and bands for railway stock, turbine disks. it is important to know the contact pressure and stresses due to shrink fitting of the parts and strength of the assembly i.e. the speed at which assembly loosens up, so that shrink fit connections can be used efficiently to transmit torque or motion. In the present study, the contact pressure due to shrink fit of the disk on to the shaft is determined. The strength of the assembly is predicted for variable interference and for each interference value the strength of the assembly is predicted i.e. the speed at which the assembly loosens up. As the interference between the shaft and disk is increased, the speed at which the assembly loosens up also increases.