Innovation in Teaching - Learning in Applied Sciences

TitleInnovation in Teaching - Learning in Applied Sciences
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsBasavaraj, U., and R. Jairam
JournalRESEARCHPAEDIA - An International Interdisciplinary research journal
KeywordsDepartment of Science and Humanities

Teaching is an art and an aptitude. It provides an opportunity to update the knowledge base and communicate the same very effectively to the primary stake holder. The skill of a teacher lies in his ability to deliver the right information to the most befitting recipient. Currently, the scenario demands learner centric teaching methods. The teacher of today faces varied challenges. Open sources like internet have made ready availability of information, this has demanded more from a teacher who can no more adapt the convection method of teaching. This concept is more essential for domains which have continuous up gradation and enhancement of knowledge. Innovation brings about a marked difference in knowledge sharing and enhancement of skills. The paper examines the role of innovative teaching learning practices in the domain of Engineering and Technology. Thrust is given to Applied Sciences where frontier and cutting edge research is initiated sustained and enhanced. Sources and references would be drawn from published and unpublished works on innovations in teaching-learning and applied sciences. Research papers on emerging trends in the field of applied sciences would also be consulted to add weightage to the paper.