An Insight into Identity based Authentication Techniques for the Internet of Things Environment

Publication Type:

Conference Proceedings


Deepti, C.


International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Computers,Communication, Mechanical and Computing (2018)


Department of Information Science and Engineering


Internet of Things (IoT) is growing exponentially due to the deployment of physical things that are incorporated with sensors into user environments. The increasing number of things within the IoT is establishing concerns based on the efficiency and ability of traditional authentication approaches. This paper makes a review of various recent and advanced identity-based authentication techniques that include proof-of-knowledge (e.g. password, OTP, phone number, etc.), proof-of-possession (e.g. smart cards, tokens, driver's license, etc.), proof-of-characteristics (e.g. fingerprints, hand geometry, Iris, retina, voice, signature patterns, etc.) and multiple-factor authentication approaches. This paper also makes a comparative analysis of various techniques discussed based on their corresponding benefits and limitations.