Investigation and Performance Evaluation ofHonge Seed oilblendedwith DieselUsing the Twin Cylinder Diesel Engine

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Journal Article


International Journal of Advance Foundation And Research In Science & Engineering, Wiley Subscription Services, Inc., A Wiley Company (publisher), Volume 2, Issue 3 (2015)



Department of Mechanical Engineering


In view of increasing pressure on crude oil reserves and environmental degradation as an outcome,fuels like Biofuel may present a sustainable solution as it can be produced from a wide range ofcarbon based feedstock. The present investigation evaluates Biofuel as a C I engine fuel. Thisreport describes the setups and the procedures for the experiment which is to analyze theemission characteristics and fuel consumption of diesel engine due to usage of the both fuels.Detail studies about the experimental setup and components have been done before theexperiment started. Data that are required for the analysis is observed from the experiments.Calculations and analysis have been done after all the required data needed for the thesis isobtained. The experiment used C I engine with no load which means no load exerted on it. A fourstroke Twin cylinder C I engine was adapted to study the brake thermal efficiency, brake specificenergy consumption, and emissions Biofuel. In this study, the diesel engine was tested usingBiofuel. By the end of the report, the successful of the project have been started which is Twincylinder C I engine is able to run with Bio fuel but the engine needs to run by using diesel fuel first,then followed by Bio fuel and finished with diesel fuel as the last fuel usage before the engine turned off. The performance of the engine using Biofuel compared to the performance of enginewith diesel fuel.