Manufacture of Aluminum Foam Using Water Beads

TitleManufacture of Aluminum Foam Using Water Beads
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsSatish, S.. V., A.. Chandru, and S. J. Krishna
JournalInternational Journal of Science and Research(IJSR) ISSN(Online): 2319-7064
KeywordsDepartment of Mechanical Engineering

This paper significantly aims at producing aluminum metal foam by providing a simple production technology using water beads to acquire the desired product and at the same time cost effective. The team has pioneered in achieving uniform porosity thereby reducing the weight of the metal foam considerably, resulting in a new method of production of aluminum metal foam. The material used in the experiment is LM6 aluminum alloy. A Cope and Drag similar to the conventional Gravity Casting was used and a cavity was carved in the moulding sand which was then entirely filled up with water beads. After having prepared the experimental setup, molten aluminum metal was poured into the casting through a riser. The molten metal occupied the entire cavity except the space occupied by the water beads. The water beads created hollow cavities throughout in the foam. Upon cooling, the aluminum metalsolidified and the foam was examined after removing the water beads and it was found that a uniform porosity was maintainedthroughout the metal foam eventually achieving considerable weight reduction. The aluminum foam underwent several tests to ensurethat the dynamic properties of the aluminum metal were closer to the desired values. The dynamic behavior of aluminum metal foamunder compressive and impact load is of great interest in fundamental research and engineering applications as well. This paper presents a detailed compression testing of the aluminum metal foam under various loading conditions and the results were recorded.Thus, this project has been successful in accomplishing a cost effective, simple technology in producing aluminum metal foam with significant weight reduction.