Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2014
AuthorsAnanda M, Rakshith T, Seema KV
Conference NameNational Conference on “Embedded systems and signal processing, NESP-2014”
PublisherDepartment of Electronics & Communication Engineering, School of Engineering & Technology, Jain University, Bangalore
Conference LocationBangalore, Karnataka, India
KeywordsDept. of Electronics and communication Engineering.

Considering the present state of the Metro train services, we see a number of problems the passengers face such as overcrowding and time delays to name a few. In this paper, ways to automate the train which will result in the decrease of human errors are proposed. We make use of RFID to enable the train to halt at stations and after a stipulated amount of time the train restart. Further, the tollgates located on the platform record the number of people passing through and relay the same to the trains using WIFI. The LDR present on the door work in a way such that the doors close automatically when the maximum capacity of people is reached and the DC Motor i.e. wheels which move with the help of a microcontroller-Arduino start rotating. In addition, by using GSM technology the passengers are notified of the location of the train and the time it reaches the respective stations thereby ensuring that they do not miss the train.