Optimization of angle of attack for a vertical axis wind turbine for local wind condition

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Role of Mechanical Engineering and Computational Science for a Sustainable Future, DAYANANDA SAGAR COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING BENGALURU, INDIA (2015)


Department of Mechanical Engineering


With depletion of fossil fuels, there is increased dependency on non-conventional energy sources for generation of electricity. Conversion of wind energy and solar energy to electricity is one among them. While large wind farms are already in existence to produce several megawatts of power, small roof-top wind energy convertors are gaining popularity for individual customers. This paper consists of survey of airfoil from NACA, followed by local wind survey, and CFD analysis for the optimization of angle of attack for a roof top vertical axis wind turbine at high wind velocity of 15 m/s. The airfoil selected was NACA 6409; the CFD analysis showed that the flow around the airfoil was better at an angle of attack of 9º. CFD tool used was Comsol Multiphysics 4.3. Till at an angle of attack of 9º, and for a wind velocity if 15 m/s, the flow at the tip of the airfoil was Steady flow, after which there was turbulence at the tip of the airfoil.