Ortho-Chloropolyaniline Metal Oxide Composite as a Low Dielectric Loss Material

Publication Type:

Conference Proceedings


International conference on Science, Technology and Management(ICSTM-2017), IETE, Bangalore. (2017)


Department of Science and Humanities


Conducting polymers are hyped as the latest technological innovation, which are at the cutting edge of the recent technologies available. Amongst all the conducting polymers, polyaniline has occupied a special place owing to its superior properties. In this paper, the author reports the dielectric properties of ortho-chloropolyaniline/Nickel titanate (OCP/NiTiO3) composites. These composites were prepared by in-situ polymerization of aniline with various wt. % of NiTiO3. The formation of composites and the influence of different wt. % of NiTiO3 on OCP were confirmed by characterization techniques such as XRD and SEM. The conductivity and dielectric response in these composites depends on the content of NiTiO3 in OCP and exhibit optimum results at the percolation threshold. The values of loss tangent are quite small, suggesting that these materials can be used as lossless materials.