A Security Mechanism against Reactive Jammer Attack in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Trigger Identification Service

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Int. Journal of Security, Privacy and Trust Management(IJSPTM), Volume 2, Issue 2, p.43-54 (2013)




Department of Information Science and Engineering


Providing an efficient security for wireless sensor network is a crucial challenge which is made more difficult due to its broadcast nature and restrictions on resources such as energy, power memory usage, computation and communication capabilities.The Reactive Jammer Attack is a major security threat to wireless sensor networks because reactive jammer attack is a light weight attack which is easy to launch but difficult to detect .This work suggest a new scheme to neutralize malicious reactive jammer nodes by changing the characteristic of trigger nodes to act as only receiver. Here the current approach attempts to identify the trigger nodes using the group testing technique, which enhances the identification speed and reduces the message complexity of the status reportsent periodically between the sensor nodes and the base station