Studies on cladding technique of dissimilar materials using Friction stir welding process

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Journal Article


Indian Journal of scientific research ISSN 0976-2876, Volume 12, Issue 1, Bangalore, p.217-220 (2015)



Department of Mechanical Engineering


Cladding is the bonding of dissimilar metals Cladding is the bonding together of dissimilar metals. It is different from fusion welding or gluing as a method to fasten the metals together. Cladding is often achieved by extruding two metals through a die as well as pressing or rolling sheets together under high pressure. Nowadays, the cladding techniques are being utilized in a wide range of industries such as food processing, fertilizer, chemical, petrochemical, automotive, nuclear and power plant. Cladding is done to enhance material properties such as wear, electrical or corrosion at some area of the part or component.