Study on Mechanical Properties of Epoxy nano Composites

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


International conference on Direct Digital Manufacturing and Polymers ICDDMAP-2015, Director Prasaranga Karnataka University, Dharwad, Dharwad, India (2015)


Department of Mechanical Engineering


Plastic composite material has been in to frontier of research as one of the new competitive materials in engineering. Especially, Particle reinforced plastic is a relatively new class of composite material manufactured from particles, nanoparticles and resins, and has proven efficient and economical for the development and repair of new and deteriorating structures. In this paper, we report the mechanical properties of epoxy composites strengthened with Multi walled carbon nanotubes. Different composition (0.1%, 0.5%, 1%, 1.5%) of Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNT) are mixed with epoxy resin and castings are prepared by moulding technique. The different mechanical properties such as Tensile strength, Flexural strength and Hardness are evaluated at room temperature. One set of samples are immersed in salt water for moisture absorption and strength degradation studies. The mechanical properties are determined and are compared with that of dry specimens. The Results show that the Mechanical Properties increases with the increase in Percentage of MWCNT for the prepared Composites