Study of Shock Isolation by Nonlinear Wire Rope Isolators

TitleStudy of Shock Isolation by Nonlinear Wire Rope Isolators
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2015
AuthorsPrasad, K. S. Srinivas, R.. Chaturvedi, S. Niwas. Sahu, A.. Sekar, and K.V.. Govinda
Conference NameIndian National Conference of Applied Mechanics
Conference LocationIIT Delhi
KeywordsDepartment of Mechanical Engineering

ISRO satellite centre (ISAC) builds the state of art satellites for communication, remote sensing, scientific experiments, weather forecasting and interplanetary missions. After completion of assembly, integration and test activities, the satellite is transported to the launch site, in a specialized container designed for safe transportation of the satellite. In-house designed Four Bar Linkage Tilting System (FLTS) is used to mount the satellite in the specialized container. The transportation of the satellite by road and air is always a challenge and requires adequate protection from shock and vibration. Metallic wire rope isolators are used for isolating the FLTS along with the satellite from the destructive effects of shock and vibration. These isolators significantly exhibit nonlinear force deflection characteristics to absorb the shock energy induced by shock loads. This paper discusses the dynamic behavior of the FLTS with the isolators considering their nonlinear characteristics, when subjected to shock originating from the transportation medium