Synthesis, characterization, and dielectric studies of ortho-chloropolyanilinegraphite oxide composites

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Journal of Materials Research, Materials Research Society, Volume 30, Issue 15, p.2310-2318 (2015)



Department of Science and Humanities


A facile synthesis method was adapted to prepare Ortho-chloropolyaniline/graphite oxide(OPANI/GO) composites. The properties of these composites have been discussed based ondifferent characterizations such as scanning electron microscopy, FTIR, and dielectric studies.The important peaks of benzenoid and quinoid rings in the spectrum confirm the formation ofcomposites. Scanning electron microscopic studies indicate that the morphology of the preparedcomposites was influenced by different weight ratios of GO in OPANI and the resultingmicrographs of these composites exhibited flaky and folded structures. The electrical conductivity