A Theoretical Approach on Pyroelectric Energy Harvesting: Challenges and Opportunities

TitleA Theoretical Approach on Pyroelectric Energy Harvesting: Challenges and Opportunities
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsAlex, J., and P. Shruthi
Conference LocationInternational Conference on "Challenges and Opportunities for Developing Sustainable RUBAN Society"
KeywordsDepartment of Science and Humanities

Due to the ever-growing demand for renewable source of energy, energy harvesting from natural resources has gained significant attention. Waste heat from mobile phones can be harvested in a feasible manner by pyroelectric energy harvesting. Depending upon the amount of work done, heat is continuously lost from the mobile phone. It is through the processor that the maximum about of heat is lost from the mobile phones to the environment. The heat loss is different in different locations, the region near the primary camera being an ideal one for pyroelectric energy harvesting. The energy harvested from the energy which would be otherwise wasted by the mobile phones can be utilized for self-powered devices or any wearable electronics, which require power of the order of a few µW to mW only. In this paper, we investigate the feasibility of harvesting energy from the mobile phones which can be used to power itself. We have also included a basic design of a pyroelectric mobile phone, that uses the heat of the users palm and the heat produced by the mobile to power or contribute to the energy demand of the mobile. The heat generation rate of users, the design of the pyroelectric system and the optimal operating conditions that provides highest power output are the important parameters that will be discussed using commercially available materials. Recent developments along with its challenges and opportunities are presented for more efficient materials and devices with higher energy conversion efficiency are also discussed.