Variants of GA in Vehicle Routing Problems: The State of the Art

TitleVariants of GA in Vehicle Routing Problems: The State of the Art
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2010
AuthorsR Kumar R, Radha G, Singh B
PublisherOperational research society of india-madurai chapter, Thiayagarajar College of Engieering
Conference LocationMadurai, Tamilnadu.
KeywordsDepartment of Science and Humanities

The routing and scheduling of vehicles is an area of importance to both operations researchers and transportationplanners. During earlier decades, research (since 1960’s) in this field includes significant breakthroughs in problem formulationsand in the construction, analysis, and implementation of solution procedures. These advances in implications helped in savinggovernment and industry many millions of dollars a year by increasing productivity, and in controlling the financial impact ofadverse weather conditions on vehicle utilization. This paper presents a classification and analysis of the probableuse of genetic algorithm (GA) to model complex vehicle routing and scheduling problems. Genetic algorithm is proved to be avery promising mathematical tool which can handle various versions of vehicle routing problem (VRP) yet there is lot ofscope to get better solutions using better genetic algorithms. Also, emphasis is put on the importance of fuzzy logic, as routing andscheduling processes characterized by subjectivity, ambiguity, imprecision and uncertainty can be dealt with ease, if GA andfuzzy logic work simultaneously. Possibilities are shown regarding the further application of fuzzy logic in this field.